Session 3 Wrap up.

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Session 3 Wrap up.

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Session 3 Wrap up(FR)

You rose before the sun, your objective clear; avenge your father?s death. Stealthily, you traversed through the back alleys of Llorkh to the rear of Norodotts hideout. There Falcon was able to locate a hidden entrance into the structure. A perfectly placed arrow from the string of Hawks bow took out the first of the 5 goblinoids you faced. A fierce battle ensued as Norodotts remaining lackeys, including an ogre, tested your resolve.
Able to overcome their defenses, you ascended to the upper level where you, again battled a host of goblins and hobgoblins. During the battle you heard a thunderous crash and felt the building shake beneath your feat. As you left the last of your enemy?s cold and dead, you heard screams coming from a nearby chamber. You entered the room to find that its roof had been torn off and a large green draconic skeleton was making its departure into the skies above clutching a piece of parchment in its claws. There was a swirling mass of black and white and a deafening sound, each subsiding as the roof seemed to reform above you. There you saw Norodott and his last remaining accomplices. They had become undead. You fought and cast down the abominations and claimed all of the glory and treasure you could find.
Your task complete, you left the fort intending to go back to your room and rest, but when you entered the streets, you noticed that you were no longer where you were when you entered Norodotts. The buildings were no longer small and quaint and the sun was now setting instead of reaching its peak in the sky. You asked one of the locals where you were and he responded ?Inolen, of course?, and then he gave you a strange look and asked you if you were ok. Deciding that you needed both information and a place to stay, you made you way to a place called ?The Chimera?s Den?. You heard much talk of a group of adventurers being attacked earlier in the day and then saw the strangers for yourself. You tried to catch up with them, but they had disappeared. Unable to get a room in the Chimera?s Den you tried a place called ?Mermaids Retreat?. About to turn in for the night, you heard the clang of steel on steel ring out from the streets below. You looked out from your window to see the strangers you looked for earlier in combat with some goblinoids and fires beginning to spread on the rooftops across the street. You left your room, hustled down to street level and prepared to engage the goblins and maybe get some information from this other group of adventurers.
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