Skill: Gamble

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Skill: Gamble

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Skill: Gamble

Used to gain money or items through games of chance.

Check: Your Gamble check is opposed by the Gamble checks of all other participants in the game. The highest Gamble check wins.
The Gamble roll includes 1d20+Gamble skill modifier+Stake DC difference.
Winner keeps the original stake and gains the difference based on check result difference.
The amount you win or loose depends on the difference between the highest check and your result.
Check Result Diference
1-9, 10% lose/gain
10-19, 20% lose/gain
20-29, 30% lose/gain
If the looser doesn't have the wealth to cover the bet, trouble will occur!

You set the wager amount/value and Stake DC when you initiate a game of chance, or the DM declares the wager and stake if you wish to join a game.
The difference between the Stake DC and each participants Gamble Skill (total including ranks,modifiers, etc.) will be the modifier applied to each participants roll for this game of chance.
Begin by setting the Stake DC, which can run from (pennyante) DC 1 to (astronomical) DC 20 or higher.
The DM will determine the value of your item (the stack wagered) versus the opponents if item is other than currency are being wagered.

Example: You begin a game of chance with another opponent, wanting to wager 100gp.
Let's say you have Gamble +6 (+4 ranks and +2 Wisdom modifier).
You decide to set a Stake DC 10.
Because the Stake is 4 higher than your Gamble, you will gain -4 on your d20 roll.
Your opponenet is a better gambler. He has a Gamble +8 so will only gain a -2 on his d20 roll.
Dice are rolled -
You roll 15+6-4 = 17
Opponent rolls 15+8-2 = 21
Your opponent beat you by a difference of 4. You will loose the original wager of 100gp plus have to surrender another 10gp (10%)

Let's say the results were a little different-
You roll 4+6-4 = 6
Opponent rolls 18+8-2 =24
You loose by 18, 20% loose.

And how about a nice example-
You roll 18+6-4 = 20
Opponenet rolls 3+8-2 = 9
You win by 11, 20% gain.

Make sense?
The DM giveth and the DM taketh away!
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