The End

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The End

Postby Norm » Jul 10th, '11, 13:42

This was one of the best campagin's to date I enjoy them all but I got attached to Seaven kind of the same way I did with Garreth did but not in the same way. Garreth is stilll #1 but Seaven is a close 2nd I enjoyed all the other pc's and there background stories it made the whole thing fall together It was very well run from begining to end by the DM good job. It was confuseing at times with the time travel but it all fell into place at the end......I think this was the 1st time I have played a campagin to completetion and its nice to know Seaven can live out the rest of his days doing what he was intended to do Captain a ship............ he would not do well living in a town he needs to be free to sail the high seas............. it is also good to know when he comes into Riddleport he has freinds in high places and is treated very well thanks to Jil, Niam, & Alucard...... So Seaven and Mogtu gather a crew from town and take on some transport work and who knows what riches await us out there.............From the Captain "Say your goodbuys now boys the Wagtoth sets sail in 2 days and he will not wait"
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Re: The End

Postby Fatespinner » Jul 11th, '11, 16:45

Agreed. Great campaign. I liked the fact that it had a theme. All being pirate or pirate type characters was fun.
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Re: The End

Postby shortyhellseeker » Jul 11th, '11, 17:32

The Wagtoth.

I really liked the whole campaign as well, from begining to end. Everyone played their characters so well.
It was fun.
The DM giveth and the DM taketh away!
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